For instructions on how to navigate VEMS please see the FSM VEMS User Guide.

Reservation Requests at Feinberg School of Medicine

Welcome to Virtual EMS! VEMS is the space management system for Feinberg School of Medicine, where you as an end user can seach and easily book space all through this portal.
Questions regarding access to VEMS for FSM classroom space should be directed to the FSM Dean's Office: or (312) 503-1871. 

Please see Feinberg's Confirmation Conditions for useful information about booking space at FSM. If you have any questions about these conditions for reserving space, please contact the FSM Dean's Office.

Current VEMS Users, please see the VEMS Web User Guide for information on how to create, edit or cancel a reservation.

When planning events, please see the Event Guide which lists all steps needed to ensure a smooth event in Feinberg space!

For information on hosting events in the Lurie building 1st floor, please review the Robert H. Lurie Building - Event Information which will outline proper procedure for events.

Additionally, if housekeeping is required, please complete the Housekeeping Event Request Form to submit to Facilites Management.

If you do not have a VEMS account but would like to reserve space in any of the following locations please click the appropriate link to fill out a request form.  Requests will be sent to the respective room coordinators and you will receive a confirmation once the request has been processed – please allow up to 48 business hours for processing.  You will also receive a summary e-mail of your request immediately upon submitting. 

FSM Public Classroom Spaces

For questions regarding these spaces or to reserve/cancel space within 48 hours of the event date please contact the FSM Dean's Office.

To request space outside of the VEMS booking parameters, or if you do not have a VEMS account, please complete this form to route for processing: FSM Room Reservation Request Form.

Please note the building hours as after-hours use requires approval from the FSM Facilities Coordinator: 

McGaw Pavilion Building Hours
Monday-Friday: 7:30am-5:30pm
Saturday & Sunday: Closed 

Robert H. Lurie Medical Research Center Building Hours
Daily Monday-Sunday: 7:00am-7:00pm

Galter Library Classrooms

Galter library has two teaching spaces available to faculty and staff of the Feinberg School of Medicine. Applications from other University users will be considered if the space is available. To request either of these rooms, please complete this form:

The LRC Classroom is an semi-private space with approximately 23 computers and seating for 46. The Small Classroom is a private space with computers for 8 students.

For more information about the spaces see:

For any questions regarding the space, please contact Cheryl Powell, LRC Manager: 312.503.1875 or Email Cheryl

Access to Lurie 6 and 7

Please note that Lurie 6 and 7 spaces are managed by the Center for Genetic Medicine.  Questions regarding these spaces should be directed to Michelle Mohney at (312) 503-5600. Also note that VEMS access to Lurie 6 and 7 spaces must be approved by CGM.

Rubloff Conference Rooms

Rubloff conference rooms are available Monday – Friday, 8:30am-4:30pm. Use of these spaces after hours is not permitted. These rooms are intended for business meetings only - no classes or student seminars, parties, retreats or social activities should be scheduled in these rooms. If you have any questions, please review the contact information below for more information.

Rubloff 6
Rubloff 6: please contact FSM Dean's Office (
Find more information and the policy for this floor here.

Rubloff 9
Rubloff 9 Reception Desk: (312) 503-8933. Find more information and the policy for this floor here. To request space more than 48 hours prior to the event date please fill out the Rubloff 9 Room Reservation Request Form

Rubloff 11
Rubloff 11 Reception Desk: (312) 503-1709. Find more information and the policy for this floor here. To request space more than 48 hours prior to the event date please fill out the Rubloff 11 Room Reservation Request Form.